Eagle Squadron specializes in crafting museum quality scale aircraft models from World War I to the present. Our creations are noted for their exquisite craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail. Most of our models range in scale from 1/8th to full size. They can be found in museums, airport concourses, airline advertisements, and private collections around the world. Because of the fine detail and precise scaling built into every model, they are versatile tools in the movie industry.

Our creations often help to create the magic in movies. They can be used for accurate reference point modeling in computer generated effects, or included in a variety of set-designs in order to add a sense of realism to the production. Our models are an excellent alternative when cost and safety concerns become critical. Much of the detail is further enhanced by the use of authentic materials. We even cover the airframes of the famous Sopwith Camel through the famous Red Baron's infamous Fokker DR-1 with the same type of fabrics used back in 1917. Check out the photo gallery for these models.

We are especially proud of our World War II fighters. The majority of the real fighters were made of aluminum, which was riveted to the airframes. And, we make these models in much the same way. We are fortunate to have experts from Lockheed Aircraft employed for their aluminum craftsmanship in the construction of earlier aircraft. Their expertise in shaping and riveting aluminum is again called upon to construct masterpieces from a bygone era.

Obtaining authentic planes from these earlier times is both problematic and costly. It is not uncommon for museums and private investors to spend several millions of dollars in acquisition and restoration; our full-scale planes cost significantly less to manufacture. Whenever possible we use surplus assemblies such as landing gear, elevators, rudders, ailerons, and canopies to add realism. To reacquaint you with the dimensions, we have listed a few popular aircraft with their full-size wingspans...

World War I Aircraft.
  Sopwith Camel 28 feet
  Spad 13 26 feet, 6 in
  Nieuport 11 & 17 26 feet, 9 in.
  Thomas-Morse Scout 27 feet
  S.E. 5A 26 feet, 7.5 in.
  Fokker Dr-1 (Red Baron) 23 feet, 7 in
  Fokker D-7 29 feet, 2.25 in
  Albatros DV 29 feet, 8.25 in
World War II Aircraft.
  P-51B, D Mustang 37 feet
  Spitfire (most versions) 36 feet, 10 in.
  P-40B, E Flying Tiger 37 feet, 3.5 in.
  P-39 Airacobra 34 feet
  Hawker Hurricane 40 feet
  F-4U Corsair 40 feet, 11.5 in.
  P-47 Thunderbolt 40 feet, 9 in
  ME-109 32 feet, 6.5 in.
  FW-109D  34 feet, 4.5 in.
  Mitsubishi Zero 34 feet, 5.5 in.
  Kawasaki Ki. 61 Hien 39 feet, 4.5 in.
  P-38 Lightning 52 feet
  Bristol Beaufighter  57 feet, 10 in.
  DeHavilland Mosquito 54 feet, 2 in.

This is only an example of some of the planes we can build for your here at EAGLE SQUADRON PRODUCTIONS. Any replica is possible provided factory plans are available. And, while a variety of configurations are possible, they usually fall into two categories: floor and hanging displays. For example, a World War II aircraft built for floor display includes landing gear and full cockpit detail. One built for hanging, or "in-flight display, does not require the same level of detail. Of course, these changes are reflected in the negotiated price.

Of course we can build a full-size Boeing B-17 bomber with a wingspan of 103 feet, 9 inches... it just takes a little more time because of its size.

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